Cake Flavors

Port Blueberry

Light vanilla hot milk cake, port blueberry compote, white chocolate ganache, lemon-zested buttercream.

Chocolate Salted Caramel

Moist chocolate cake, salted caramel, dark chocolate ganache, chocolate buttercream.

Lemon Lovers

Lemon pound cake, raspberry preserves, lemon cream, lemon-zested buttercream.

Caramelized White Chocolate Raspberry

Light vanilla hot milk cake, caramelized white chocolate mousse, raspberry preserves, white chocolate buttercream.

Peanut Butter & Pretzel

Moist chocolate cake, peanut butter mousse filling, salted caramel, chocolate covered crunchy pretzels, maldon sea salt, white chocolate buttercream.

White Chocolate & Cranberry

Brown butter pumpkin cake, cinnamon white chocolate ganache, cranberry preserves and cinnamon buttercream.

Black Forest

Rich chocolate devil’s cake, cherries jubilee, dark chocolate ganache, vanilla buttercream.

Passion Fruit

Light vanilla hot milk cake, passion fruit cream, lime-zested buttercream.

Dirty Pumpkin Chai

Brown butter pumpkin cake, espresso chai milk chocolate ganache and white chocolate buttercream.

Mocha Chocolate Orange

Rich chocolate devil’s cake, mocha milk chocolate ganache, orange-scented buttercream

Irish Car Bomb

A beer lover’s favorite!  Guiness stout cake, Jameson whiskey ganache and caramel buttercream.

Almond Cake

Decadent almond cake, raspberry preserves, fresh raspberries, white chocolate buttercream.

Pecan Pie

Brown butter cake, pecan caramel, candied pecans, and vanilla cinnamon buttercream.


For the chocolate lover in all of us!  Hot chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, and a chocolate custard buttercream.

Birthday Cake

Rich vanilla cake with funfetti sprinkles and cream cheese buttercream.

Strawberries & Champagne

Lemon scented vanilla cake, pink champagne soak, pickled strawberries, strawberry preserves, strawberry mousse and a champagne buttercream.

Italian Cream Cake

Texas style Italian cream cake with a decadent cream cheese buttercream.


Moist spice cake with pineapple, bananas and pecans, caramelized white chocolate mousse, honey cinnamon buttercream.

Red Velvet

Southern red velvet cake, white chocolate ganache and cream cheese buttercream.

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