How do I schedule a Tasting?

Fill out the online order form under our Contact section.  In addition you can give us a call at 512-387-4849 or  e-mail us at!  We recommend bringing any photos, swatches, invitations or anything else to help us make your cake exactly what you want.

How Much Does a Cake Cost?

All of our cakes are based on the design, price is based on complexity.  All of our cakes are made with the finest ingredients.  We never use any shortening or faux ingredients.  Our minimum wedding cake order is $750 and our minimum celebration cake order is $150.

Do You Offer Dessert Bars?

Yes we do!  Our dessert bars are always seasonal to make sure you are getting the best product out there!  E-mail us to get our current menu.

Peak wedding season in Austin is April, May, September and October.  For these months we recommend booking out 9 months to 1 year to ensure your date is available.

How far in advance should I book my order?


Nope!  We always bake your cakes fresh for your big day.

Do you freeze your cakes?


Yes, we require for all of our wedding cakes to be delivered by our staff.  Specialty occasion cakes can be picked up or delivered.  Our local delivery fee is $50.00, anything outside of that range is $1.25/mile.

Do you deliver your cakes?


Currently we are renting commercial kitchen space in Southwest Austin.  If you have something you need to send to us, please send to:
P.O. Box 90412
Austin, TX 78709

Where are you located?