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About Iced Cakes

Dessert is always meant to be the icing on the cake of a beautiful memory or experience. At Iced Cakes, our singular focus is ensuring that we do our part in making every client’s big day one to remember.

Our custom cake designs are one of a kind, as are our hand made sugar flowers and flavors. We strive every week to curate an experience for our clients that is unlike any other, often in partnership with some of the best wedding industry creators in the Austin area.

Elana Pearlman, the owner and lead artist of Iced Cakes works with each and every client to be certain that the overall aesthetic of their event blends seamlessly with the cake design.

Elana’s training and experience span the country, having grown up and gotten her start in the hospitality industry in Southern California. Professionally trained at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY by Certified Master Bakers, it was there that Elana developed the knowledge and ability to create the unique flavor profiles that Iced Cakes has to offer. Elana has also trained under Maggie Austin in Washington, DC where she developed her own unique style of realistic, hand made sugar flowers that can be custom designed to suit any client’s aesthetic.

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